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Plant based catering + raw sprouted treats

Raw, organic and sprouted ingredients. Custom cakes available for pick-up in Venice, CA.

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Raw and sprouted

By sourcing the highest quality raw organic ingredients and sprouting all of our nuts and seeds, we maximize the nutritional benefits of our creations. The sprouting process gets rid of naturally present phytochemicals, which improves the bioavailability of nutrients.

Stevia and raw coconut nectar

After years of experimentation, we are proud to offer healthy, low-sugar treats. We only sweeten with truly organic, hexane-free stevia and raw organic coconut nectar.


Healthy & delicious catering services

We serve the healthiest, plant-rich paleo foods without sacrificing flavor.


nourishment for every occasion

And every diet! We also do our best to accommodate any intolerances or allergies.