Eat beautiful food that's made with love!


Shanti Kitchen was founded by Emilía Rún in early 2017. Emilía's passion for raw, plant-based food and desserts was influenced by her struggle with her own health. Growing up with a painful auto-immune disease, she found peace and healing in plant foods and yoga. Today, Shanti Kitchen exists as a dessert company that focuses on made-to-order cakes and full-service catering.
We believe that we shouldn't have to make concessions with the food that we eat - that our desserts can be just as in alignment with our true selves as the vegetables that we had for lunch. All of our desserts are fully raw, gluten free and refined sugar free. We only source the highest quality organic ingredients, and always sprout our nuts and seeds to remove phytochemicals and improve the bioavailability of nutrients. 
We want to cater to everybody to help you feel your best. We put all of our love into the food that we make and always bless our raw cakes and chocolate. Keto-friendly versions of many of our desserts are also available, as we have found our energy levels and brain function improve dramatically with a high fat, mostly fructose-free diet. 
Chocolate and desserts are available for pick-up in Venice, CA. When you place your order, we'll send you the address to our home which is right off Abbot Kinney.
Thank you for helping us make our dreams of sharing our healthy, bioavailable nutritious desserts come true!